Saturday, April 19, 2014

Get your game up Pacers, I had more faith in you guys.

the Clippers are salty as hell.

The Nets beat the Raptors, the Warriors beat the Clippers. Pacers and Hawks are next. Who do you think will get knocked out first?

How good are the Hawks? Probably bad considering they’re matched with the Pacers. I think they’ll get knocked out pretty quick. 

Here’s a good, serious prediction; the Clippers get knocked out in the first round. 

Hmmm. NBA Predictions. Here I go:


Top three I have winning:
1. Spurs
2. Pacers
3. Trailblazers

The Spurs need to win bc the whole damn team lookin like they bout to retire. Plus Tony Parker was all like “nothing matters if we don’t get this title”, so guilt trip.

The Pacers are good and Paul George deserves a title. I think they could really win this title.

And I like Damian Lillard, he’s a good player. I think he deserves a title too. Idk if the Trailblazers will win the title though. I haven’t really played attention to them.

Top three I don’t want to win:
1. Heat
2. Clippers
3. Rockets

I’m sick of hearing about this Lebron vs. Kobe and Lebron vs. Michael Jordan and that stupid mount Rushmore of the NBA. Get them out of here. Don’t let them three peat please.

I don’t want the Clippers to win bc this is a Lakers town and look at their sorry ass little place in LA.


Also, the Rockets are over hyped to me. Jeremy Lin’s two seconds of fame are up, James Harden looks like he has a good amount of birds living in his beard, and Dwight Howard is a little bitch. I don’t like the Rockets, tbh, I never really have.

Ultimately, the Lakers aren’t in the playoffs so beyond my predictions I’m not interested. Wake me up when the Lakers fire D’Antoni, the draft happens, and teams start getting eliminated from the playoffs. (And I would make serious brackets about this, but not when the Lakers aren’t there, and I havent payed attention to any of the other teams much this season so I can’t say who I seriously think will win the title or not, or what’s going to happen to each team. I’ve been too wrapped up in this shitty Lakers season.)

I meant to put this here, but I accidentally put it on my other blog, sorry. So here’s my half serious playoff/ finals prediction. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The 2013-2014 season has ended.

I’ll be here for off season stuff, including the draft, but other than that, we’ll see you next year Lakers.

Lakers beat the Spurs 113-100

There’s about two minutes left in the Lakers season, and with that, the Lakers are winning. At least we won the season opener and the season closer.

Last game of the season has tipped.

Spurs vs. Lakers is on now.

Your starters for the final game are Marshall, Meeks, Johnson, Kelly, and Hill.

The Knicks signed Lamar Odom with one game left in their season.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

tomorrows game against the Spurs marks the end of this Lakers season.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Most fans tonight were hoping for a loss. It would have secured the 5th draft pick for us, but now were at 6th.